Chevon Marsh (Chevy)

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Hometown: Chicago, IL

Age: 32

Profession: Police Officer

Playing Rugby Since: 1999

Positions Played: Flyhalf, Inside/Outside Center, Fullback

Other Rugby Clubs: Illinois State University and Chicago Northshore

What do you love about rugby?

I love rugby because it is fun. I love the way it makes me think, run and how it brings together our team. I love how rugby is a bunch of talented individuals that come together as team to play the game we love and charge down the field together. Rugby is such a social sport which enables me to meet many people from all over the world and it creates such tight bonds. I am addicted.

What does the Kenya tour mean to you?

The Kenya tour to me means that my skills will be challenged in a way that may have never happened before. This tour will force me to work on preparing to be a better player for myself and my teammates. I am excited to learn about what I can do when challenged by teams I have never played against before and how the Sirens will come together to play as dominating force. The tour also means that new opportunities for playing at a higher level will come about for our team.

What about the tour do you most look forward to? 

I am looking forward to playing internationally, traveling and meeting new people.